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Canaima is a National Park located in Bolivar State. Was established on 12 June 1962 and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994. The park covers 30.00 Km2 of state to the borders of Guyana and Brazil, and for its great extent, is considered the largest national park in the world. In this wide region, the blackish rivers, the stormy skies, the impenetrable forests and the immense quiet of the “Sabana”, contrast with the majesty of the Tepuyes, with endless waterfalls of an impressive height.
The Canaima National Park territory embraces Canaima and Gran Sabana: this area is characterized by having the oldest rock formations in Venezuela and South America, with an age of 1500 million years. The ongoing processes of erosion have shaped the base of the ancient land, the isolation of upland plateaus as the Indians' pemones call “Tepuy”. You can witness the changes in height between the Tepuyes in Canaima National Park. In fact you can clearly see where the valleys have an altitude ranging from 400 meters to the height of some peaks Tepuyes with impenetrable vegetation, whose height is above 2,400 meters.
The trip begins once you reach to the Canaima lagoon, where are all the facilities (camps and lodges). This lagoon is a huge reservoir formed by the turbulent river Carrao, before the river begins its journey to the Caroni River. There are three waterfalls pouring into the lagoon; "Ucaima", "Hacha” and "Golondrina" contributing to the formation of white foam in the red waters of the lagoon, due to the high concentration of "tannins." But without doubt the most spectacular show that will remain in your memory is the Salto Angel, accessible only by curiara through the Caroni River, after about 4 hours of sailing. Angel falls, with a free fall about 1000 meters high, is the highest waterfall in the world and is named after its discoverer, the gold prospector Jimmy Angel, "which in 1937 landed his plane on top the Auyantepuy. Finding himself unable to return by aircraft, which remained stuck in the ground, Jimmy Angel begins a hard fall, along with others, and after 11 days reached the valley of Kamarata. The path to the base of Angel Falls will leave your mouth wide open and the memories of what you saw, will never forsake.

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