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Los Roques

Los Roques is an archipelago of Venezuela located in the Caribbean Sea at about 170 km north of La Guaira, the harbour of Caracas. The archipelago of Los Roques, due to its position and morphology, is protected against strong winds and hurricanes, that seasonally hit the Caribbean. Los Roques was declared National Park in 1972 for its singular beauty and extraordinary biodiversity and is the largest National Park of the Caribbean with more than 200.000 hectares.

The archipelago is made up of about 350 islands and cayos: the main island, El Grand Roque is the only populated one and where the tourist structures and the little airport are located. On Grand Roque also the following authorithies have an office: Inparques (National Park Institute), the National Guard, the Coast Guard, and the office for tourism and fishing.

The local population is mainly made up by fisherman’s families, which came to the archipelago from Margherita Island at the beginning of the last century. From than on, an intense activity of fishing started, at that time the only resource of the island and nowadays nearly completely replaced by tourism, mainly due to the prohibition of industrial fishing with nets. Today the archipelago has about 1500 habitants, including the natives and the tourist operators.

What makes Los Roques such an extraordinary place is the enormous extension of the calm sea, the presence of lagoons, cayos, beaches of bright white sand (coral origin) and crystal-clear water of unbelievable colours. The constant sea breeze, due to the NE trade-wind, is ideal for water sports such as wind surfing, kite surfing and sailing.

These are only some of the attractions the archipelago proposes to its visitors. It is a place without equal for fishing, diving and snorkelling. Divers will enjoy the extraordinary richness of sea flora and fauna as well as the variety of corals. The weather is typically tropical and steady during the whole year: rainfalls are practically not existent, the medium temperature is 30° C , while the sea temperature is about 25° C.

The electric energy is granted by 2 power-units and the sweet water by 1 desalinating equipment (decentralized towards the center), able to furnish quantities to supply the whole community. In case of black out, the posada has its own power-unit and in case of lack of water it has 2 reserve water tanks. There are no cars or motorcycles on the island. The only motorized vehicle is the garbage-truck. On Grand Roque there are some little restaurants and bars, as well as a couple of liquor shops, where you can buy very good rum and other alcoholic beverages. A little chemist’s shop grants the essential medicines, but it is advisable to bring with you all you may need.

For all this reasons a vacation on the island is ideal for all those who wish to live sea life in a unique context, dropping into the simple life of the archipelago where discos, casino or parties going on till dawn don’t exist. Those who not yet went to this National Park long for visiting it and those who already did, long to come back.

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